This site is my new place to put all my stories so you can search through them at your leisure. Let me know how you get on with them. Some of these have been broadcast on radio and others are from live tellings of these stories in different venues.

Paul’s Prayer for Power – Ephesians 3:14-21

While this isn’t a story, I hope you’ll find it helpful as we think about all God wants to do in us and for us. This podcast looks at Paul’s prayer for POWER and tried to understand what that POWER was for and how it is supposed to function in our lives. It is one of the greatest prayers in the Bible and one that when answered will bring great glory to God while at the same time changing us completely. Have a listen and see what you think

The Story of Creation – How it all began

The biblical story of ‘Creation’ but from the perspective of being there yourself and seeing all that the Creator (God Himself) is doing … Based on Genesis Chapters 1 & 2

How it all went wrong

From the wonderful start of creation, we descend to the tragic story of ‘The Fall’ where human beings chose their own way rather than trusting God – and paid the consequences for that disobedience! Based on Genesis Chapter 3

NEW Easter Story – Seven sayings from the cross – The Centurion’s Story

Samson & Delilah

The sad story of a man who should have been so much more than he ended up being. Given as a saviour to start to save his people from a powerful enemy, Samson couldn’t seem to think about more than himself and could only focus and what he could see. And so, God had to discipline him… Based on Judges Chapters 13 – 16

Bible Story – ‘Doubting Thomas’

Samson and the City of Death

An unusual story from the life of that very weak ‘hero’ Samson where he went somewhere he shouldn’t go to do something he shouldn’t do and yet, in His mercy, God still used it to do something that would point to what Jesus was to do many years into the future! Based on Judges Chapter 16:1 – 3

The Little Fir Tree – A creative Christmas story

Latest Story – A Topsy-Turvy Kingdom – The Rich Young Man

This is a combination of 2 Bible stories in one and told from the perspective of the Apostle Andrew (seemed an apt choice at the time). It looks at the values of God’s Kingdom.

The Story of Ruth

The story of Ruth – which is basically a reading of the book of Ruth from the Bible …

Naaman – a miraculous healing

Naaman was the head of an army from a nation that was a serious enemy of Israel and yet, when he got a serious skin disease it was to lead to an encounter with the God of Israel. From 2 Kings Chapter 5

The Lying Prophet

When Israel split into 2 separate kingdoms, the new king of the northern kingdom of Israel – Jeroboam – was fearful the people would desert him as they worshipped in the southern kingdom of Judah. So, he came up with an alternative religion – similar to the real thing but not the real thing. So God sent a prophet to pronounce His punishment – but things didn’t go quite the way the prophet had hoped when he was deceived! Based on 1 Kings chapter 13

The Man Born Blind

When Jesus and His disciples encountered a man born blind, the disciples asked who had sinned to make this happen. Jesus rejected that way of thinking and went on to show His power and glory as He healed this man and showed that to really ‘see’ you need to understand just who Jesus is! Based on John Chapter 9

Jesus meets Zacchaeus

At the height of His popularity Jesus went through the town of Jericho and everyone wanted to see Him, including a notorious senior tax collector, collaborator and ‘sinner’ called Zacchaeus. But Jesus wasn’t looking for people who wanted to see the famous person, Jesus was looking out for where His Father was at work in someone’s life … Based on Luke Chapter 19: 1 – 9

‘Doubting’ Thomas

Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples is often known as ‘doubting Thomas’ because of his struggle to believe all that had happened to Jesus. And, when you hear his story you can understand why – until the end when you realise that Thomas really understood who Jesus was! Based on John chapter 20: 24 – 29

Stephen – More than a Martyr

Stephen is often known as the first Christian martyr and yet his life was so much more because he loved and trusted Jesus in every and all situations. Because of his love and trust of Jesus, when he was called to a martyr’s death, Stephen became the victor and came to know Jesus in an incredible and close way. Based on Acts Chapter 6:1 – 8:1

Cornelius and the 4 Hammer Blows of God

The story of Cornelius is the story of the Lord taking the good news of Jesus and all He has done and passing it out from just the Jewish nation into the rest of the world. But it was going to take some real change in the life and understanding of Peter and the other Jewish followers of Jesus to understand what God was doing and accept His grace and mercy to all people! Based on Acts Chapter 10: 1 – 11:18

Christmas Stories

Here are 4 Christmas stories to let you know a little about all that happened on that first Christmas. Hope you enjoy them – (no pictures just audio).

The Silent Priest

Jesus Birth Foretold

Shepherds and Angles

Wise Men & Mortal Danger

Other Bible Stories

Standing Firm – A Bible Story

Jonah’s Whale – Children’s Bible Story

Hidden Treasure

Daniel’s Lion

The Story of Jonah

Daniel and the lions den – live

 Have fun!